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Connecting Physical and Digital

Allowing your customers to effortlessly engage with your brand and business

Beacon technology for micro-location context in apps

Broadcasting hyperlocal interactive content, personalized notifications, offers or advertisements? Providing your customers with indoor navigation helping them to find their way?  Insights in how your customers interact in your environment? You think that is impossible?

Tapme Media creates mobile solutions with Beacon and NFC technology enabling customers to effortlessly engage with your business!

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Connecting Physical with Digital

Tapme Media is a Groningen based organisation creating innovative location aware applications. Our solutions are transforming physical infrastructures and objects into dynamic content delivery networks where people can effortlessly engage with your brand and business.

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Hyperlocal Content

Interactive content and personalized notifications, offers and advertisements based on customer location and time

Navigation & Positioning

Navigate your customers and track customer behaviour and interactions in your business in real-time

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