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Connecting the Physical World with Digital Engagement

Tapme Media is launched in 2014 and has its office in the city-center of Groningen, the Netherlands. We are early-adopters of new technologies, innovators in mobile and we have a passion for creating unique mobile experiences.

At Tapme Media we are working on rocket fuel, it propells our goal of creating unique solutions for your success. We like to be challenged, it fuels our enthousiasm and creativity in creating succesful high quality solutions that stand out.

Digital and mobile are changing the world in a blinding speed, it is creating an infinite world of possibilities for customer engagement. We strongly believe that organisations have to respond to these changes in order to stand out and be successful in a hyper-competitive market. Tapme Media is paving the way to the future for our clients creating next-generation solutions.


Digital is changing the way people interact, it opens an infinite world of possibilities


Next-generation mobile solutions utilizing cutting-edge technology designed for your success


Solutions that make our clients stand out, paving their way to the future

Rocket fuel

Thrusting Tapme Media enabling us to do things differently creating unique experiences

We would love to create a unique experience for your targetgroup!

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