Exciting new iBeacon Hardware!

The last couple of weeks there have been some interesting developments in Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon hardware. New hardware has been introduced by different companies. In this blog we will take a closer look at these new Beacons.

Enhancing the Visitor Journey

Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons, also commonly referred to as iBeacons, are a great new technology for enhancing the Visitor Journey. The Visitor Journey starts the instant people decide to visit a museum and it continues to go on even after their visit has ended. During this cycle there are a lot of opportunities for museums to interact and communicate with visitors carrying a smartphone or tablet. In this blog we will explain what Beacons are and how this technology can enhance the Visitor Journey and improve Visitor Engagement in museums.

Breathing life into Art: Groninger Museum

Tapme Media and the Groninger Museum are creating the first Beacon and Near Field Communication experience for museum visitors. The Groninger Museum will be the first museum in the Netherlands utilizing this cutting-edge technology for broadcasting hyperlocal interactive content on smartphones and tablets about the physical objects on display.