Hyperlocal content

Interactive content based on micro-location and time

What is hyperlocal content?

There are two dimension in hyperlocal content: geography and time. Interactive content is mostly targeted for the masses and for a specific time range. Content targeted at people in a well-defined area on a specific time has much more relevance and value to people: this is what we call hyperlocal content.

With Beacon and NFC technology we are able to deliver interactive hyperlocal content on smart devices with pinpoint accuracy. These technologies make smart devices location aware enabling business owners to communicate with customers relevant to their location. When a smart device is in range of a Beacon or NFC-tag interactive content can be delivered to that device.


Walking around in a zoo and knowing exactly what you are looking at, having in-depth information about the animals, their origin, video and audio fragments of it’s natural habitat and knowing exactly where you are within the physical domain. Or imagine receiving offers and discounts based on your precise location at a specific time. Or engaging in interactive games and treasure- or scavenger hunts based on a specific time and your location (indoor and outdoor).

Our solutions utilize these cutting-edge technologies enabling business owners to deliver hyperlocal interactive content in advanced ways on smart devices.

Infinite possibilities

Hyperlocal interactive content is a great way for museums, events, themeparks, zoos, airports, retail and other organisations for improving customer engagement and experiences. There are infinite possibilities for interactive content delivery via Beacon and NFC technology. Some examples of hyperlocal content we like to create:


Enrich experiences by adding mobile gaming elements to physical objects and infrastructures. We create solutions enabling people to engage in interactive games, quizzes, competitions or treasure hunts based on their exact location and a specific time. If it is for educational, informational, rewarding or entertainment purposes, our solutions are designed for your specific goals and success.


Interactive storytelling on smart devices enabling people to effortlessly interact with their physical environment and enabling them to influence the story in real-time based on their location. We create solutions with Beacon and NFC technology which brings mobile interactive storytelling to the next-level of customer experiences.

Edutainment – Education mixed with entertainment

Highly effective and fun interactive learning experiences for your target group. Mixing education and entertainment are an exciting way of informing and educating your customers and keeping their interest in the subject. Tapme Media creates unique solutions that utilize Beacon and NFC technology for delivering interactive education and entertainment on smart devices for the best results and experiences.

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