Navigation & Positioning

Pinpoint accuracy

Beacons make smart devices location aware, when a device is in range it can pinpoint it’s exact location. Beacons are more accurate than GPS navigation whilst being more energy efficient both for the device and the Beacon. GPS coverage can be weak in indoor locations and is usually unable to determine the floor level a smart device is on. Beacons work indoor and outdoor and can easily detect and make a distinction in floor levels resulting in the best mobile experience in indoor navigation and positioning.

Our solutions enable business owners to navigate customers with pinpoint accuracy.


Walking around in a large museum trying to find your way to specific objects and exhibits, or in a large airport terminal looking for your check-in desk and boarding gate, or trying to follow a specific thematic route in a zoo or theme park.

Tapme Media utilizes Beacon technology for mobile solutions showing people their precise location on a digital mobile map of a specific area indoor and outdoor. We provide analytics about customer movements and foot traffic in your business.

Navigation & Positioning indoor and outdoor


Navigate customers inside your business enabling them to see exactly where they are and where they should go. We use Beacon technology for indoor and outdoor navigation with pinpoint accuracy.

Thematic routes

Provide your customers with interactive thematic routes following a specific storyline or special purpose inside your business. Our solutions navigate people telling them exactly where they are and where they are going to highlighting important places on a map.


Wouldn’t it make sense to know where your customers spend most of their time inside your business, having insights in foot traffic and customer movements? Our solutions are providing business owners with analytics in accurate multi-floor customer movements enabling them to optimize their physical infrastructure and for crowd control purposes.

Cutting-edge navigation for your customers?

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