Beacon and NFC Technology

Cutting-edge technlogies for adding real-world context to applications

What are Beacons and how do they work?

Beacons are small wireless devices which are broadcasting tiny Bluetooth Smart signals. These signals are similar to WiFi signals and have a range of a maximum of 70 meters. The Beacons we are using are provided by

A Beacon works on Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart) and is consuming considerably less power than the previous Bluetooth or GPS technology for both the Smart Device and the Beacon.

The signal can be detected by a compatible smart device and application allowing it to exchange information and data. Devices running iOS 7 and higher or Android 4.3 and higher and all Apple’s iBeacon products are compatible .

How Tapme Media uses Beacons

Beacons add location awareness to smart devices. When a smart device is in range of a Beacon an app can pinpoint the device’s exact location enabling business owners to communicate with customers based on their location.

Our solutions utilize Beacon technology for broadcasting interactive media on smart devices, sending push notifications to customers, and for accurate indoor & outdoor navigation and positioning.

And what is NFC you might think?

Near Field Communication is a contactless communicationmethod for close proximity (4-10 centimeters). An out-of-the-box experience: when a compatible smart device is in range of a NFC-tag, data and information can be exchanged.

People can effortlessly engage with your brand and business through NFC-tags which are added to your physical assets.

Companies worldwide are investing billions in creating a NFC infrastructure for contactless payments enabling customers to check-out using their smart device. Most new smartphones and tablets are NFC compatible with exception of Apple devices.

How we use NFC Technology

NFC-tags can be hidden in all sorts of materials making them invisible for people. When a smart device is placed on top of (‘tapping’) a NFC-tag the connection is established enabling business owners to communicate with customers based on their location.

Tapme Media uses NFC technology for delivering hyperlocal interactive content in several advanced ways on smart devices based on sequence, time, location, type of handset or random content. We add NFC-tags to physical objects transforming them into dynamic content delivery networks enabling people to effortlessly engage with your brand and business.

Tapme Platform

Our platform enables you to create, manage and deliver interactive content with no programming skills required

Improve Engagement

Effortless engagement with your brand and business allowing you to communicate with your customers relevant to their location and time

Insights & Statisics

Analyze customer behaviour and interactions in your environment in real-time. Our Dashboard provides you with detailed insights and statistics

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